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My Account


User Information

You can see your basic information: Name, Email address and Exchange

My Administrator

Displays the name and email of the Administrator that invited you to join the Portal. Click on List all admin users to see all Exchange Portal Administrators for your organisation.


Quick glance statistics of how much data you have uploaded and downloaded in Exchange Portal.

Security & Privacy

2 Factor Authentication 

Confirms that the two-factor authentication is active for your account (for standard users it can be deactivated, but this is not recommended).

Email Preferences

This section is still in development.


To change password:
Click on the Change password button
Login like you normally would, using your email and password, followed by the authenticator’s code
Type in your old password, and the new password twice as instructed on the screen
you will be redirected to your Dashboard once the operation is completed

DocuSign Integration

Shows whether you have connected your DocuSign account to Exchange Portal. When you are ready to start using the integration, simply click on Connect and follow the on-screen instructions.

Login Activity

This page is part of the reporting tools that Exchange Portal makes available to all users. You can see all the details of your account’s login (when, where, and with which browser). You should immediately report any suspicious activity to