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The DX experience

DX is trusted as a strategic partner by businesses in a wide range of sectors needing to provide reliable day-to-day delivery to customers at both commercial and residential addresses.

In this partnering role, we take full responsibility not only for ensuring that parcels are delivered safely and on time for our customers, but also for the reputation and goodwill associated with their brands. ...

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What makes DX Xperts?

Our value as strategic partners to businesses dependent on high quality delivery services is built around the unrivalled expertise in our organisation. This ranges from our technical expertise in the provision of services, to our expertise in technology, security, people management and customer service.

  • With more than 45 years’ experience, we are a leading provider of delivery solutions to both business and residential addresses throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
  • We focus on providing exceptional customer service and flexibility and, through our DX Freight and DX Express divisions, can cater for a wide cross section of customer requirements.
  • We have strength in depth across our organisation, with a highly skilled management team and a committed, experienced workforce of Hub and depot staff and drivers. All our employees are thoroughly vetted to maintain the highest level of security.
  • We operate a fleet of over 900 vehicles, one of the most modern in the industry. These vehicles meet the strictest environmental and safety standards in their class.
  • We have the ability to handle a wide variety of delivery options and to fine tune our service to match specific or exceptional requirements.
  • We have invested heavily in the development of our own technology, enabling us to offer customers the highest levels of service.
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Delivering on your commitment to your customers

As your strategic delivery partner, DX makes certain we deliver against the promises you make to your customers. 

We aim to deliver first time, every time. We take the greatest of care with the parcels we are delivering at each step along the way, and treat your customers exactly as we would do if they were ours. This means cheerful, helpful and courteous deliveries, and a readiness to help in any way we can.

Our service extends far beyond the delivery itself, too. We provide you with dedicated and responsive customer support, through our locally based support teams, to help you manage your delivery needs and individual deliveries day after day.

How you benefit from a strategic partnership with DX

The extra mile
Across our business, we are all expecting to go the extra mile for you, your parcels and your customers. This is not a platitude. If something ‘above and beyond’ is called for in any part of delivering the service you need or getting your parcels to your customers, we will do it.
Responsive to changing needs
As your business moves through seasonal or circumstantial peaks and troughs, we can flex the delivery services we provide for you to make sure you keep up with demand, yet don’t hold resources you don’t need.
Long-standing commitment
Like every one of our customers, you can depend on our long-standing commitment to reliability, quality and value. We understand that in meeting these commitments to you, we are enabling you to meet your commitments to your customers.
High-quality information
We invest heavily in IT systems that provide the kind of real-time, pinpoint information fundamental to making the timely and insightful decisions necessary to optimise our operations and deliver industry-leading customer service.

Trusted by our loyal customers

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