Life story of a parcel

life story of a parcel hero


To fully understand the life story of a parcel delivered by DX, it’s best to begin with the point at which your business signs up as a DX customer. The process is quick and easy, and our team is ready and waiting to help you. 

Once you’ve opened an account, our IT team liaises with yours to integrate the appropriate DX services into your company’s systems.  ...

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Key features

  • Industry-leading employee vetting process provides high level security reassurance
  • Our focus on high levels of first-time delivery ensures your parcels receive market-leading service
  • Our dedicated and responsive customer service support ensures you have complete peace of mind

Caring for your parcels. First hand.

Lee Burke – General Manager DX Freight, Rotherham
We make sure that all the teams involved in the receipt, processing and forwarding of your parcels are empowered to react to any challenge with support, experience and guidance. We are passionate about operating in an efficient, safe and accurate manner to give every Customer the best possible experience.
Tori Morgan – Key Accounts Advisor DX Freight
No delivery is complete until the sender is happy their parcel has been delivered in perfect condition, and the recipient has it in their hands and is satisfied with it. Our job is making sure that happens. If there’s a question or query, we stay on that until it’s resolved.
Steven Hetherington – Operations Manager, DX Express Edinburgh
When we scan parcels in and process them through our depot, we really do treat them with due care and attention every single one. We don’t manhandle things. We know that what’s inside each parcel is important to at least two people, our customer and the end recipient. We mean to get it there in the same condition as it was sent.
Gavin O’Reilly – Driver, DX Express Belfast
DX drivers are the final link in the chain. Maximum care still needs to be taken of the parcel. But now there’s the person we’re delivering to to think about as well. We want to make certain we hand over the parcel in perfect condition, and leave the recipient feeling well looked after.
the little things about us

Parcels should arrive spotless. Exactly as they were when we picked them up.

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