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From industry to industry, DX makes it happen.

DX provides services to a huge range of businesses, encompassing virtually every area of the economy. From Professional Services and the Public Sector, through to Manufacturing and Construction to consumer-focused sectors like Retail, Pharma and Optical, our systems, network and, most importantly, team make sure things are where they need to be, minute by minute.

  • agriculture listing


    From manufacturers to wholesalers and vendors, DX moves equipment, feed, chemicals and other day-to-day supplies.

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  • automotive listing


    From manufacturers and retailers to parts suppliers and local garages, DX’s services help keep the automotive sector moving.

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  • electrical listing


    DX works with manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to maintain supply chain and ensure a perfect customer experience on delivery.

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  • finance listing


    For banks, building societies and other financial institutions, DX provides secure overnight delivery of cheques and other critical documents.

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  • home and garden listing

    Home & Garden

    DX works with manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in all areas of the sector to keep supply chain intact and customers well served.

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  • industrial hero listing


    Across the industrial landscape, DX moves raw materials, stock, parts and spares, and distribute product with unrivalled expertise.

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  • legal hero listing


    For 45 years, DX Exchange has moved packages securely at end of day between 15,000 members for overnight delivery by 9am.

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  • optical hero listing


    Delivering between stores, warehouses, labs and end customers, DX helps maintain supply chain and ensure customer satisfaction.

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  • pharma hero listing


    DX delivers daily to high street and hospital pharmacies from manufacturers and distributors, as well as handling ad hoc requirements.

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  • print hero listing


    DX provides delivery of materials from manufacturer to distributor and trade users, as well as delivering finished print runs to customers.

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  • public sector listing

    Public sector

    DX provides delivery services to help keep national and local government organisations and associated services running at peak efficiency.

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  • retail listing


    DX works with retailers of all kinds to help move stock, POS and similar inventory to stores, and to deliver safely to end customers.

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  • textiles listing


    DX delivers raw materials from manufacturer to trade customers, as well as supporting delivery of textiles of all kinds to trade and end users.

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  • white goods listing

    White goods

    DX works with manufacturers and retailers, delivering white goods stock and handling consumer sales deliveries to a specified room.

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