How to use DX Exchange

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Get the most from your DX Document Exchange membership

To ensure that your documents are collected, sorted and delivered on time, follow the addressing guidelines set out here. 

You’ll also find links to our other DX Exchange services. These can help maximise the efficiency of your use of DX Document Exchange in your business, and help you reduce postage costs.

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DX addressing guidelines

When you join DX Exchange, you’ll be given your own unique DX number and a secure mailbox at your local Exchange.

You can start sending your mail through DX Exchange right away, following these simple steps:

  • Find the DX address of the company you want to send your item(s) to. You can look it up using the DX Online Directory, or through a number of other DX Directory services. Our system uses a unique 3-line address format instead of a postcode address:

    Organisation name
    DX number
    Exchange name
  • Prepare your mail, adding the recipient’s name and 3-line DX address. There is no need to weigh or frank your Document Exchange mail. Please ensure you put your own DX address details in the top left hand corner of each item.
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Sending and receiving mail

Take your mail to your local Exchange, and post it into the Outgoing Mail Box before 5pm. If you want to send mail to DX Members within your own Exchange, you can simply deliver mail directly to their DX box at any time.

Our operations team will collect your documents, sort and deliver these through our national network, connecting over 4,000 Exchanges across the UK and Ireland.

The delivery team will post all your incoming DX mail into your private, locked mailbox at your local Exchange before 9am. Simply visit your Exchange each morning to collect your DX mail from your box.

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