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DX Logistics is our specialist partnering offering, providing expert and agile rethinking of the possibilities for more productive and transformational use of logistics within your business.

Whilst the self-managed or fully outsourced services provided by conventional 3PL and 4PL operators may be viable only at enterprise scale, DX Logistics provides strategic consulting, deployment and ongoing service provision in a way that is realistic and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes.  ...

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Key features

  • Bespoke service
  • Innovative consultancy format
  • Agile and flexible to all customers’ needs
  • Cost-effective solution
  • IT solution developed in-house

How the process works

  1. Discovery

    Our logistics consulting team works with each department in your business, gathering information, building understanding of processes and identifying potential improvements.

  2. Solution development

    Using this intelligence, we develop an operation-wide logistics solution capable of improving efficiencies, optimising resources, lowering costs and establishing competitive advantage.

  3. IT development

    Our in-house IT Solutions team designs and implements bespoke logistics systems, fully integrating these with the rest of your systems and infrastructure.

  4. Deployment

    The agreed programme of logistics adjustments is rolled out, with DX supplying and managing both our own services and specialised additional services from third party providers.

  5. Partnership

    As we do with those household name companies for whom we currently provide Logistics services, DX continues in partnership with you, on a 3PL or 4PL-style model.

  6. Delivered Exactly

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Trusted by our loyal customers

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How you will benefit

Create competitive edge
By reviewing and analysing each part of your operations to identify those areas that can be handled more effectively or productively with a new logistics approach, you stand to gain true competitive advantage in your sector.
Decades of specialised experience
We have been managing logistics within our own overnight delivery operations, and on behalf of a wide spread of client organisations, for more than 45 years. Our experience and expertise can be invaluable in transforming your operations.
Enterprise level solutions
Conventional 3PL and 4PL logistics outsourcing is generally realistic only for huge organisations. DX makes this realistic and viable for SME businesses.
Flexibility and versatility
Our open-minded and lateral approach means anything is possible in designing your solution. We’ll help you to look at your operations and the possibilities for improving performance with everything up for grabs.
Optimisation of your resources
By working with us to remodel or remove parts of current workflows from the business, your resources can be concentrated more effectively into core operations.
With the dedicated resource of DX working in partnership with you, components of your logistics operation can be scaled as quickly and effectively as required.
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We listen. We work at understanding. Where there are possibilities...we will find them.

Start using DX Logistics

We’re here, ready and waiting to talk to you about your requirements. Whether you are best served by this service or another part of our offer, our experience, expertise and unrivalled Customer Service will help you improve efficiency, lower costs and provide exemplary service to your customers.

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