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Navigating the Portal Dashboard

The Dashboard is the central part of your Exchange Portal experience. As development progresses, the tools on this page will evolve according to your feedback and that of the other Members.

Shared with Me

This is like your inbox in the Portal, clicking through will show all files that are currently shared with you. A number in the top-right corner of the tile will tell you how many new files are currently shared with you. 

Shared By Me

This tile will send you to a view that shows all files that you have shared through Exchange Portal, like your ‘Sent Items’.

Postmaster Inbox

This tile will send you to a page that shows all files that are currently shared with your DX address through the Postmaster Share function.

Postmaster Availability

This tile shows how many DX Addresses have a Postmaster inbox. The Assign Postmaster button allows you to assign the Postmaster role to a user registered at your DX Address within Exchange Portal.

DocuSign Integration

This tile allows you to connect your DocuSign account with Exchange Portal and share files that require a digital signature directly from within the platform.