Exchange portal support

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Logging In


Email Address & Password

When logging in to the portal you will need an email address and password combination (this will have been set up when you register for the portal or when you are first sent an invitation).

2 Factor Authentication

The portal uses a 2 Factor-Authentication system for extra security so you will require a code each time to log in. To access a code you need a Google/Microsoft Authenticator type app, (available on Apple or Android devices) which you can link to your exchange portal account. If you would prefer to not have this set up on your phone, you can also connect with Google Authenticator using a PC extension on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Once linked, you just need to open the app to see the code and enter it when prompted to do so (you won't need internet connection on your phone to access a code post set-up). 

For more advice on how you can set this up please see video guide here.